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This is a record of my 748 conversion
A monster project

New lump in for the first time
all done in 2 and a bit hours.
  out with old in with the new
New engine from a 2001 748bp and single sided swinging arm from 916.
Awaiting frame mods to brace pivot point and to take
rear shocker.

bought a 916 frame to weld onto back of monster frame
This was bought for trademark ducati in devon

Am going to cut frame and re-join 748 frame to the back of bike
Hopefully this allow all the 748 bits to fit, then i can make my old rear end into a subframe to fit the new back end.

Need to cut the monster frame away for shocker
My favorite lump of wood lets the back wheel move:-)

I like the look
Bike going to the Doctors 5/12/02